Massively Accelerate Your Path to Success

After launching and building 15+ startups from concept to ultimate impact (including multiple $10m+ exits and an INC 500 success story); we've learned some critical distinctions between what works - and what doesn't. Now you can leverage our experience 1-on-1 to accelerate your business to the next level.

RAP - from Idea to Attack Plan

If we work with your business, we'll execute RAP - the same process we've used to launch countless multi-million industry leading businesses for ourselves and our clients. The process will uncover opportunities and roadblocks - and rapidly turn it into an actionable plan for how we can work together to hit your launch and growth goals 3-5x faster.

From Killer Idea to Killer Business

If your business is in the launch / validation phase, then RAP will provide a detailed plan for quickly validating your concept and turning it into a viable business. We'll work with your business to quickly execute this plan - focusing all of our collective energy on activities that get to validation; and avoiding the wasteful activities that keep most businesses stuck on the launchpad.

From Validated Business to Fast Scaling Company

If your business has achieved initial validation, then RAP will provide a detailed plan for putting your business on the fast track to scale. We'll work with your business to make sure all critical components are put in place for scale - and more importantly, we'll steer clear of the traps that waste enormous amounts of time and prevent most validated businesses from further success.